Installation and maintenance

> Load and read this installation guide before actual installation. (pdf)

Load and read the installation guide before actual installation.

Installing Timberwise flooring is quick and easy. Before beginning the installation we hope you consider few things in order to make the floor installation quick and effortless. Well made plann will help you to install well functioning floor that will last for years to come. You will find all necessary information on how to install Timberwise parquet from our installation instructions on the right.

Beautiful parquet year after year

Caring for your Timberwise floor is easy and simple. Natural oil waxes that are hardened with UV light are more durable and more manageable than traditional oil waxes, so regular oil waxing is not needed in normal wear. Vacuum cleaning and wiping with a damp mop is sufficient. Follow these simple instructions, and your floor will always retain its splendour:

  • appropriate humidity (RH 40-60%) and temperature conditions (+18-24°C)
  • necessary protection of the parquet surface (doormats, felt patches etc.)
  • regular vacuum cleaning and wiping with a damp mop