New Managing Director for Timberwise

Timberwise has a new Managing Director MSc (Econ.) Mika Tuunainen.

Mr. Tuunainen started in Timberwise 15.1.2018 when our founder and owner Mr. Mäkitalo gave up his CEO position and continues in the future as the Chairman of the board. Mr. Mäkitalo has a great trust to Mr. Tuunainen:

“There is a time for everything. Timberwise will become 20 years this year and I will have a bit more. Therefore, I will finally step back and continue in the future as the Chairman of the Board. MSc (Econ.) Mr. Tuunainen, 47 years, who started as our Managing Director in the middle of January 2018 represents new era and innovations in our young Team Timberwise. Mr. Tuunainen has a very strong know-how and experience and has all my support.”

Mr. Tuunainen has a very long experience from international sales, brand products and
management. We wish Mr. Tuunainen very welcome as a part of our Team Timberwise!








Mr. Mika Tuunainen contact information Tel. +358 40 128 3651, email: