Color Collection wax oil parquet collection

In the Color Collection wax oiled floors the wood’s own shade and appearance is emphasized through colored wax oil. The end result is affected by the wood species selected, the shade used and whether the surface is sanded or brushed. The shades available are white, grey, brown and dark; a two-colored end result is also possible. Satin-matt UV hardened wax oil is used for surface treatment. It makes the floor easy to clean and natural and warm. Our hard wax oiled products are ready to use with no additional oiling, from the package directly to the floor. The wood options are oak, ash and larch..

Only a small part of the floor is shown in the pictures. Note that wood is a nature material, the shades and grain patterns always have natural variation. Due to the changes in screen color settings, image does not fully correspond with the real color of the product.