Larch parquet

The wax oiled larch parquets of the Color Collection are surface-colored with tinted wax oils. The color treatment is done using slightly glossy UV-hardened tinted wax oil, which makes the floor easy to maintain, natural and warm.

Larch products are manufactured in a single standard type, allowing for the wood’s natural grain pattern, color variation and natural knots as well as small round knots and small filled knot cracks and pitch pockets. Brushing accentuates larch’s beautiful large grain pattern that is at its best in color-treated larch parquets. Both light and dark tones are available.

Larch is not recommended to be installed with underfloor heating if you are not able to guarantee a permanent condition of relative humidity between 40 – 60Rh. In drier conditions cracks may appear.

Only a small part of the floor is shown in the pictures. Note that wood is a nature material, the shades and grain patterns always have natural variation. Due to the changes in screen color settings, image does not fully correspond with the real color of the product.