Herringbone floors

Herringbone floors have been used already since the 16th century. There are herringbone floors even in the castle of Versailles.

Oak Herringbone, brushed hard wax oiled, Restaurant Bronda

The installation method of the herringbone floor requires that the rectangular parquet boards are placed in a so called zigzag pattern, which makes the end result particularly impressive. Timberwise products take the end result even further, because our boards are considerably wider and longer than traditional herringbone parquet, which provides the herringbone flooring with a completely new appearance! Also the herringbone parquet boards have the microbevels on sides.

The Herringbone product is its own product, which is available in two different measures:
– 15 x 150 x 900 mm
– 15 x 185 x 925 mm

Note: Herringbone installation always requires a professional installer.

Only a small part of the floor is shown in the pictures. Note that wood is a nature material, the shades and grain patterns always have natural variation. Due to the changes in screen color settings, image does not fully correspond with the real color of the product.