Oak parquet

The oak parquets of the Original Collection are treated with either clear wax oil or matt lacquer, or transparent white matt lacquer. For decades, these treatments have been extremely traditional in treating oak parquets bringing out the characteristic tone and appearance of wood. In treating with clear and transparent white, the natural color variation of wood is accentuated in a different way than with color treatments, for example. This ensures the appearance of a natural wooden floor.

The Original Collection oak parquets are manufactured for the grades Select, Classic and Rustic. The knottiness and natural color variation of the grade also define the general appearance of the product. The Original Collection oak parquets are a sure choice that endure time and suit all possible interiors. Trends come and go but a traditional oak floor remains!

Only a small part of the floor is shown in the pictures. Note that wood is a nature material, the shades and grain patterns always have natural variation. Due to the changes in screen color settings, image does not fully correspond with the real color of the product.