Product warranty

Timberwise gives a ten-year warranty on the structure and surface treatment of the parquet from the date of purchase.

The warranty applies to top-quality parquets and covers raw material and manufacturing flaws. The warranty applies to parquets installed for private use in normal dwelling circumstances when the installation and care instructions provided by Timberwise (inside the flooring packages) have been followed. The warranty does not apply to parquet boards that have been installed on the floor and found clearly to be defective during installation. They must be set aside and will be replaced by flawless boards without a charge by Timberwise. Scratches and indentations caused by use are normal wear and not covered by warranty. Possible swelling and shrinkage of planks caused by deviation from normal room conditions (+18–24 °C, RH 40–60 %) are not covered by warranty. Because wood is a natural material, its characteristic color variations are not covered by warranty. Parquet planks with possible color defects must be taken aside in the installation stage.

The maximum liability under warranty is the value of the floor material. Possible indirect costs are not covered by warranty. Floor repair costs can only be indemnified when agreed in advance with the manufacturer. Timberwise reserves the right to repair, have repaired by third party or replace a defective floor. In case of liability under warranty, the defective parquet is returned to the manufacturer in a manner to be agreed case by case.

You can download the Product warranty file for printing here (.pdf)

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