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Design novelties are here

Timberwise twise 10089_netti

Timberwise launched its Design novelties last week in Habitare Exhibition in Helsinki. Design novelties are the result from our co-operation with Finnish top designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. Design novelties includes design floor, wall and furniture concepts. 

Habitare exhibition visitors were the first ones to explore Timberwise design novelties which are designed by famous Finnish designers Harri Koskinen and Ville Kokkonen. The novelties include design floor concept from Harri Koskinen and design wall concept from Ville Kokkonen. Both gentlemen also designed furniture to be made from our parquet into our new Twise Collection. Twise Collection also includes Timberwise in-house designed products, for example Twise dining table. All the novelties are produced from 1-strip parquet. Our unique marine birch plywood structure enables this.

All the launched products are excellent examples of our unique birch plywood structure’s advantages, and showing that our products can be turned into many other things than just floor! These new concepts allow us to maximize the use of our raw material and possible leftovers from the installations. The product development is continuous and the product range will grow in the near future. Currently the product range includes design bench and chairs, dining table, sofa table, etc.

The design novelties are introduced in our Timberwise Design Projects web page (in Finnish currently) www.timberwisedesignprojects.fi/ and you may make inquiries on the products by contacting us through info@timberwise.fi.


Timberwise’s parquets are granted Finnish Allergy Label

Timberwise has been granted the right to use Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label as the first flooring manufacturer ever. Until now no other flooring manufacturer has received it. Timberwise strongly believes that this helps them when communicating about the importance of healthy indoor air and the choice of flooring material. 

Timberwise Oy is a Finnish family-owned company located in Loimaa, which has been manufacturing single-strip parquets, also known as plank parquets, since the year 2000. Timberwise focuses on premium quality, safety and Finnish materials – at least two thirds of all the raw materials are always Finnish. Timberwise has just received the Allergy Label from the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation as the first flooring manufacturer. Timberwise uses only glue and surface treatments which contain no added formaldehyde so the parquets do not release any harmful chemicals in the air. When formaldehyde evaporates it can cause irritation in eyes and respiratory system even when the amounts are small. The causal relation between formaldehyde and asthmatic symptoms has been studied. Timberwise’s emission free parquets increase comfort of living by improving the quality of air. That is why Timberwise parquets are a safe choice also for families with children and people with allergies.

– Timberwise is a forerunner and the company shows excellent know-how in both emission free materials and high-quality raw materials. Timberwise parquets are the first flooring materials, which have qualified for the Finnish Allergy Label. They do not contain any formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds are so low that Timberwise parquets are suitable for use almost everywhere, tells Head of Communications Niki Alanko from the Allergy and Asthma Federation.

Timberwise highly appreciates the Allergy Label, and hopes that both professionals and consumers take this into account when choosing the flooring material. Timberwise for the healthier indoor air! You can find more information about the Finnish Allergy- and Asthma Federation from here.