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Face behind Timberwise – Brand Director Laura Lankinen

Face behind Timberwise – Brand Director Laura Lankinen was presented in one of the main Finnish interior magazine Deko “Good fellow” column in the June issue. This was a great honor for Laura, both in personal and professional way and we are very proud of her. Laura is the member of our family company’s family and has been working in Timberwise since the beginning.

You can check the article written by interior journalist Anna-Kaisa Huusko and photographed by Tommi Tuomi from the pages 24-27. The whole magazine is now in the shops or you can check the payable digital version from here.

Enjoy your reading moment!

New Showroom and renewed office premises

Since the product range of Timberwise has been growing continuously, last spring we had to face the fact that our showroom was utterly becoming too small. We also needed more office premises due to the increase of our personnel. Our owner and CEO Mr. Markku Mäkitalo made fast plans and decisions and already on summer 2016 the construction and renovation works started in Timberwise. At the same time we decided to update the office interior.

The constructional changes of renovation were designed by Architect Hannu Vaisto and Markku Mäkitalo. Together they planned the reorganization of the office premises and the extension upwards, when our office grew into 2 floors. To the second floor we got a spacious showroom of over 200 m2 where we can keep also trainings for bigger groups in addition to large product exhibition.

We wanted the interior renovation to reflect Timberwise’s values; quality, durability and elegance. Because of this it was natural choice for us to hire interior designer Helena Karihtala (Interior Desing Helena Karihtala) to design the renovation. Helena took into consideration the above mentioned points and our wish to use as much Timberwise products as possible. In addition we asked her to favor domestic producers when choosing furniture and lights. The end result was guaranteed Helena design –stylish, pure quality, harmonic and the colors match seamlessly! In every way beautiful and Timberwise looking.

We executed most of the renovation based to Helena’s design plan during the summer and autumn, and the rest will be executed according to the need. The first official use of new showroom was in our Christmas party for employers. And the first official house warming party was this spring with the best company when the interior media and bloggers came to visit Timberwise. We will be inviting more and more our customers and co-operators to visit our new premises. We will be giving both product training and installation training as well as offer our showroom for designers’ to visit with their customers.

In the interior we used widely Timberwise products in floors, walls and even in furniture. Cozy and clear style sofa group is from Hakola, gorgeous lights from Innolux, stylish sanitary furniture from Ido and faucets from Oras. Showroom and negotiation space chairs are from our co-operator Restatop which is a top public space furnisher. All the big windows upstairs and office windows were from local producer Domus Oy.

Timberwise thanks everyone involved in our renovation. Thank you also for photographer Ulla-Maija Lähteenmäki from our PR-Office Dream Cozy for the beautiful picture below.

Welcome to visit renewed Timberwise!


Timberwise in Domotex Asia exhibition

Timberwise took part to the Domotex Asia exhibition in Shanghai on 21. – 23.3.2017 with its importer Family Flooring. Our products were well showed in the stand and received very good interest within the exhibition visitors.

Our Sales Director Artem Kansin and Marketing Manager Laura Lankinen attended the show and also visited the local Family showrooms in Shanghai. Products were well placed in the showrooms and will get even better placement within the next showroom replacement.

Especially in China the importance of clean indoor air is very high and appreciated due to the low quality of air in the big cities. The Allergy Label of Timberwise is very good and heavy argument in the Asian market.

Below are pictures from the exhibition and the showrooms in Shanghai.