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The gradings of Timberwise floors tell about the quantity of knots and grain pattern. The rule of thumb is that the Select grades are of carefully selected, almost knot-free timber, whereas the Rustic grade allows knots, unevenness and fillings. Naturally, there are differences specific to wood species, meaning that the grades of different wood species are not necessarily comparable to each other. Our diverse selection ensures something for everyone, suiting every specific need and purpose.

Ash Select

The Select grade is carefully selected, calm and generally even-colored and almost knot-free. This harmonic grade is allowed to include natural color variation caused by grain pattern as well as healthy, light colored pin knots.

Ash Classic

The Classic grade is a natural-looking grade in which the wood’s natural grain pattern, color variation and small individual dark knots are clearly visible. The general coloring of Classic is slightly darker than Select. In the Classic grade fillings are allowed. The Classic grade is manufactured with white surface treatment.

Ash Olive

The Olive grade has been named after the dark heartwood which is also called olive. The floorboards may vary largely in appearance, and some of the floorboards do not feature the dark heartwood. Knots and groups of knots as well as filled knots are allowed in this grade as well.