Flooring guide

Recommended usage according to wood type

Larch Oak Ash
Hall *
o o o
o o o
o o o
Study **
o o o
o o o
Retail unit
o o o
o o
Office **
o o o
Brinell hardness
2.2-3.0 2.9-4.1 3.2-4.7

* Doormats in front of doors to give protection against dirt, stones and sand
** Protective rugs under office chairs on wheels

Brinell hardness chart according to wood type

Brinell -taulukko

The Brinell value describes the difference in hardness of different wood species. The higher the Brinell value of a wood species, the better the floor can endure impact and wear. The adjacent table shows the average hardness of wood species used in Timberwise plank parquets. For example, the Brinell value of ash is 3.2 – 4.7. NOTE! Pine has been removed from our product range at the beginning of year 2017.