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The gradings of Timberwise floors tell about the quantity of knots and grain pattern. The rule of thumb is that the Select grades are of carefully selected, almost knot-free timber, whereas the Rustic grade allows knots, unevenness and fillings. Naturally, there are differences specific to wood species, meaning that the grades of different wood species are not necessarily comparable to each other. Our diverse selection ensures something for everyone, suiting every specific need and purpose.


Larch is only manufactured as one knotty grade. Typical for the wood species is a large number of knots and natural color variation of wood. The grade allows filled knots.

NOTE! Strong color variations and knottyness is natural to Larch. The color variation can differ from light yellowish to reddish tone.

Larch is not recommended to be installed with underfloor heating if you are not able to guarantee a permanent condition of relative humidity between 40 – 60Rh. In drier conditions cracks may appear.