Technical data

Product measurements

Length = 2500 mm ( other allowed lengths 2000, 2080 and 1818)
Width = 185 mm
Thickness = approx. 15 mm

Standards and emissions

The product’s technical measurements conform to the requirements of the European standards for parquets. The formaldehyde emission is a tenth of the M1 emission categorizations (research results report VTT2643/00). The glues and surface treatment agents used are produced according to the EN 1432342 standards.

Surface treatments

Larch is available both with a sanded or a brushed surface. In addition, besides the colourless matte polish oil wax and matte oil wax for larch, there are coloured oil waxes. Lacquer options are matte finish lacquer, matte lacquer and white lacquer. Larch is available also as unfinished, and the customer can perform the desired surface treatment on the spot. Detailed information on surface treatments can be found in the Surface treatment chart


Larch’s standard packet sizes are as follows:

Packet sizes
(6 floorboards / packet)
kg/ packet
pallet size
(40 packets
/ pallet)
pallet size
glued floors
(42 packets
/ pallet)
kg/ pallet
15x185x2500 2,77 22 110,80 116,34 935
15x185x2180 2,42 19,5 96,80 101,64 815
15x185x2080 2,31 18,5 92,40 97,02 775
15x185x2000 2,22 17,5 88,80 93,24 705
15x185x1818 2,02 16,0 80,80 84,84 680

Larch is not recommended to be installed with underfloor heating if you are not able to guarantee a permanent condition of relative humidity between 40 – 60Rh. In drier conditions cracks may appear.