Timberwise floors – Characteristics

Timberwise floors uniquely combine the characteristics of a good wooden floor, in looks and in technology.

1. Stunning looks

The wide plank-like look, great tones and micro bevels on all sides distinguish Timberwise from other floors. The wide selection of floors offers choices for a traditional and modern interior. The Timberwise color selection offers the customer alternatives ranging from white and light tones to darker, even black tints, not to mention the two-colored products! The selection of wood species includes hardwood and traditional softwood. Timberwise products offer the feel and character of a real wooden floor in houses, flats and anything in between. Our products are excellently suited to public facilities.

2. Robust glued seams

Wood is a hygroscopic, i.e. living material. Wood absorbs and loses moisture according to the humidity and temperature of the air. In other words, the volume of wood changes according to the prevailing circumstances. For this reason, it is important that the glued seams of the parquet can endure strain. The endurances of the glued seams of Timberwise parquets pass the most rigorous tests in the field (JAS2), which makes them suitable for varying circumstances. We test our products by boiling the test pieces in water for several hours. Even this strain must not weaken the glued seams or disconnect the different components of the parquet structure! Timberwise products have a structure that lasts – the glued seams hold and surfaces do not delaminate. In practice, this means that our product have no problems enduring the most demanding circumstances, such as the four seasons of Finland. Very few non-Finnish products can match this!

3. Working for clean indoor air – emission-free products

Because the floor is one of the largest surfaces in the home, Timberwise has made product safety one of its primary quality criteria. To ensure clean air to breathe, in Timberwise products, we use glue that contains no formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that contributes to poor quality of indoor air. Even in small quantities, it may irritate eyes and upper respiratory canals, and it is suspected of being linked with symptoms of allergy and asthma. The main source of formaldehyde is chipboard, but parquets and laminates also emit formaldehyde if it is contained in the glue that is used to make them. This is an important issue particularly in families with children crawling and playing on the floor. Safe and emission-free products contribute to comfort in the home, better indoor air and lower risk of allergies and asthma.

4. Ecological

Timberwise floors are made using renewable natural resources. All products are available with PEFC certificates. Timberwise purchase people collaborate only with certified and tested material suppliers so that we do not use any wood of endangered species. Our processes strain nature as little as possible, and we recycle all the waste and by-products we generate. For example, the sawdust generated as a by-product of our production process is used to heat up our drying chambers.

5. Made in Finland – The Key Flag Symbol

Timberwise is under Finnish ownership and our production is also in Finland, which is not common these days. We value Finnish raw materials – two thirds of the raw materials in our products are always Finnish – and the long tradition in wood know-how, as well as the professional competence it entails. The highly automated factory is situated in the town of Loimaa in Southwestern Finland. The even quality of the products is ensured with an internal quality system and continuous staff training. The high-quality products of Timberwise are made in Finland!

6. Genuine wood

All three layers of Timberwise floors are made of genuine wood. In softwood products, the thickness of the surface layer is approx. 4.5mm and in hardwood products it is approx. 3.5mm. This allows the floor to be sanded and treated several times making our floors a durable long-lasting investment.

7. Stable structure

The cross-glued, three-layer structure considerably decreases the hygroscopic changes of the parquet plank and its reaction to changes in humidity and temperature, when compared with solid wood planks or two-layer wooden floors. The possible hygroscopic changes occur inside the structure so that, unlike solid wood floors, the floor seldom presents gaps. Normally, plywood-structured products are thought to have a two-layer structure, but unlike the Timberwise products, they do not have a counter balance veneer . The counter balance veneer gives the product a three-layer structure, which allows you to install the floor as a floating floor, and the floor remains stable.

As a forerunner, in the middle layer structure, Timberwise uses a 9mm thick Finnish birch plywood board, which is considerably more robust and stable than the commonly used plywood made of softwood. The hygroscopic changes of the frame are marginal because the cross-ply structure of the birch plywood lacks the reflection of the traditional strip middle layer. The floor remains level and wave-free, so it is suitable for challenging conditions, such as Scandinavia, Southern Europe or the Middle East,in which temperature and humidity change with the seasons. This also improves the floor’s mechanical strength: the floor is sturdier and more solid. In addition, the birch plywood structure provides more efficient soundproofing and damp-proofing.

8. Easy to install

Timberwise products are available with the easy and quick WiseLoc lock system or with traditional glue joints. WiseLoc lock system flooring is, thanks to the patented 5G end tongue and groove mechanism, one of the easiest and quickest to install on the market. When the floor is installed, the end tongue is pressed down, and, due to a spring, it locks automatically without having to bend the floorboards. WiseLoc saves time and installation costs. We recommend the use of traditional glue joints in summer houses (where circumstances vary more than normal) and in facilities where the surface treatment is carried out on site.

9. Suitability with underfloor heating

Timberwise floors, both glued and lock system types, can be installed on top of underfloor heating, as long as you observe the points mentioned in the installation instructions.

10. Diverse surface treatment

Timberwise parquets come in a variety of colors that is one of the largest on the market. Our product development is constantly seeking new trendy surface and color treatments. Thanks to our flexible production, we can also supply customized products. Our selection has something for everyone! Our surface treatment selection includes UV-hardened wax oils, lacquers and natural oil, and the surface can be either sanded or brushed. The lacquer has several grades of gloss. You will find additional information about our surface treatments here.