Allergy Label of Timberwise


Your floor is one of the largest surfaces in your home. That is why it is important that no harmful chemicals are released from your parquet floor into indoor air. Formaldehyde is an example of a chemical that is known in just marginal releases to irritate the eyes and the respiratory system. There are no formaldehydes or harmful chemical in Timberwise flooring, which means that even small children can safely play and crawl on our floors.

Tammiparketti GREY

Tammiparketti GREY

Timberwise take product safety and, particularly, clean indoor air very seriously. We are the world’s first parquet floor manufacturer to completely give up the use of formaldehyde based adhesives in all products. Timberwise is the first and, thus far, the only parquet manufacturer to receive Finland’s Allergy and Asthma Federation’s Allergy Label.

It was a matter of honour for Timberwise to receive the Allergy Label for its parquet floors. Furthermore, it helps us promote our message about the importance of indoor air quality and emissions issues with regards to floor choices! The bigger your floor area, the higher the amounts of harmful releases into the indoor air if the manufacturing process includes the use of formaldehyde-based adhesives or surface treatment products. Here at Timberwise, we have chosen a different direction, and we value clean indoor air in homes and other spaces, and thus, we manufacture all our products without added formaldehyde.

Our parquet flooring has received the international JAS F**** certificate which is comparable to the Finnish M1 classification. We will be updating our M1 classification during spring 2016.

By choosing Timberwise parquet flooring, marked with the Allergy Label, you will promote better and cleaner indoor air quality. Furthermore, you will get a durable and environmentally friendly Finnish floor for your home.

Find more information in Finnish about the allergy label and how it is awarded; the importance of clean indoor air as well as the Allergy and Asthma Federation by clicking the provided links.

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