Timberwise Key Flag Symbol

Despite its English-language name, Timberwise is a fully Finnish company, and its products are always manufactured in Finland. We only have one factory, which is located in Loimaa, in Southwest Finland, and we have no manufacturing elsewhere, as most other parquet manufacturers do. Thus, the quality of our products is always in our own hands, and we can monitor that at all times. As a mark of the high degree of domestic origin, our products have also been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.



In Finland, the Key Flag Symbol promotes awareness of the fact that our products are manufactured in Finland, but it also works on our export markets as a guarantee of quality and wood refining skills. Two-thirds of our products is always Finnish, because both the bottom and middle layer are always made using Finnish raw materials. The bottom layer is always Finnish spruce, and the middle layer is either Finnish birch veneer or pine or spruce. The other surface layer wood species that do not grow in Finland are always sourced as near as possible in the EU.

Whilst many operators in the parquet industry have slowly been acquired by foreign owners and have transferred their production abroad (there are only 2 manufacturers left in Finland), Timberwise has invested to keep its production and jobs in Finland. It is a matter of honour for us to preserve Finnish wood refining skills and to promote employment in Finland. For that, we can thank our founder and owner, Markku Mäkitalo.

By choosing a Finnish Timberwise parquet, you support Finnish work and maintain Finnish wood refining skills. On top of that, you will also get a safe, durable and long-lasting quality floor.

Find more information (in Finnish) about the Association for Finnish Work and the Key Flag Symbol by clicking on the links .

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