The Timberwise wooden floors and pets

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether our wooden floors are suitable for households with pets and which of our products is the most suitable option.

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The Timberwise wooden floors are indeed a suitable option for households with pets, and with the correct surface treatments, the floor remains beautiful for longer. Here we shall approach the subject from the point of view of the most common pets, i.e., cats and dogs.

In households with cats or dogs, we recommend that you select brushing and wax oiling as the surface treatments for your floor. Brushing provides a better grip for the paws and makes small scratch marks less distinguishable. The benefit of the wax oil treatment is that it can be applied again later, if necessary.



Our wooden floors are completely made of natural wood, meaning that the floor will expand and shrink according to the prevailing conditions. It is actually quite impossible to achieve a natural wooden surface that does not move at all. Our wooden floors include 3.5 millimeters of wear surface, due to which they can be resanded up to two times.

We recommend that you maintain the floor regularly, i.e., vacuum-clean and wipe it with a damp mop weekly. It is also advisable to monitor the degree of wear on the wax-oiled surfaces, particularly in the kitchen and hallway, and perform the treatment again, if necessary.